Blending Boundaries: Leading Digital Disruption, Innovation & Equitable Learning

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Dwayne Mills

Navigate (NIDES)
Vice Principal
Courtenay, B.C.
It all started 15 years ago when I was hired on at NIDES as a young teacher fresh out of completing my University degree. It was a time of transition from the old paper correspondence courses to a more online digital environment and it was an exciting opportunity for a young teacher. Over the following years I shuffled between online education and more traditional brick and mortar environments where I was given the opportunity about 5 years ago to develop a new program that sought to meld distributed learning with the brick and mortar schools. We called it the ILC program and it worked for both our schools and our students and it has now grown into a successful part of each of the high schools in our district. I have now come full circle and I have returned to NIDES as a student support, tech trouble shooter and English 11 teacher. I wear many hats, and I am involved in many aspects of our school and it is great because I am always learning and always being challenged in this crazy DL world.